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Welcome to the Family

We are a small family run farm that just loves our pets. We are a family of 6.  We have 4 girls who just love to socialize and love on all our puppies and dogs. We love to pair our beautiful puppies with wonderful families! 

Petite Dark Red Goldendoodle

Amazing Dogs

We have chosen 3 amazing breeds that we love and focus on in our program.  All of them are small, 8 to 15 lbs full grown. 

Goldendoodles are extremely smart and love to please their owner, making them easy to train and very loving.  We have mini and petite goldendoodles that are usually a deep red color and oh so beautiful! 

Poodles are SO smart! They are hypo allergenic and are wonderfully smart companion dogs. Our poodles are miniature and are phantom or phantom based. 

Cavapoos are such a fun, loving and happy breed.  They love EVERYONE they meet and just think you are the best thing on the planet. Our cavapoos are petite and miniature.  Their coloring is red, white with spots and phantom.  

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