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Our Boys

Our awesome studs are all proven, health tested, hip tested and well loved. They each have their strengths and beautiful coloring.  We love color genetics and can help you find the right stud for your girl. Click to see each of their pedigree and testing.  

mini phantom poodle


Roman is a 13 lb AKC mini phantom poodle.  His coloring is on point and his personality is right there with it.  He is a fun loving boy and makes some beautiful puppies! 

Toy Phantom Poodle


Freddy is a 3 lb AKC toy poodle.  He is a goofy boy.  He loves to be with other dogs and is the definition of a lap dog.  His tiny, square stature makes him a very fun stud! 

Toy Dark Red Poodle


Ryder is our old man stud. He is a 10 lb AKC poodle He was the first stud in our program and has had some beautiful dark red puppies.  He has a great mixture of curly and wavy dark red puppies. 

Toy Dark Red Poodle


Harvey is a deep red 7 lb AKC poodle.  He is a very sweet hearted boy.  His puppies range in shades of red.  He throws more curl and is a wonderful stud. 

Tri Cavalier Spaniel


Jack is a 12 lb AKC King Charles Cavalier Spaniel.  He has beautiful markings and passes them onto his puppies.  His cavapoos babies do not disappoint. 

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